Avoid this money-sucking psychological glitch like the zombie apocalypse plague

@SozialDemocat tweets:


“There is no such thing as a billionaire “who worked for their money”.

People with a net worth of 60 billion dollars did not work 60 billion times harder than someone with a net worth of just a few dollars.




The above tweet reminded me of an article I was reading recently… about why gun control advocates have the mindset of a child (psychologically).

It has to do with a psychological phenomenon called “conservation of mass.”

Probably you’ve seen this first-hand if you’ve played peek-a-boo with any baby or toddler.

I remember doing this with my cousins when they were in diapers and… again with my brother when I babysat him.

Kids, of course, think you actually disappear when they can’t see you.

Until… they finally “grow up” and realize that just because they can’t see your eyes it doesn’t mean you’re not there.

Anyway, this article was basically saying when gun control advocates argue that more laws would mean fewer guns and… less gun violence and… fewer school shootings… that they acting like children who haven’t yet learned conservation of mass.

Moving right along…

Conservation applies to more than just gunz and billionaire envy, of course.

I sometimes see this in my line of work.

Unfortunately what happens is… someone will come to me asking how much they need to save… then choke when I tell them.

It’s way more than they expect.

Some people buck up and take the medicine and others… they pretend their savings problem doesn’t exist.

I can sort of understand why people avoid the problem tho.

It’s difficult to think about. It’s unpleasant. It’s hard.


Not everyone is cut out to do hard things.

I can’t help them but… neither can anyone else.

So, if you be one of them, I bid thee farewell.

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