The best investment you can make

Let’s rap about the best investment you could ever make… ever…. by a mile.

But first… let me tell you what the best investment is NOT…

It’s not life insurance.

Shocker. I know.

I sell insurance, but it’s not an investment. And no, this isn’t some “gotcha” or semantics game where I tell you you should buy it instead of investments.

It’s not that insurance is bad… it’s just most people don’t know how to use it or if they do, they aren’t using it to its full potential because the U.S. education system has systematically destroyed their ability to think conceptually and translate those concepts into something practical.

Back in the day, some of the brightest and most successful people used it (like John Wanamaker and James Cash Penney). And, not just the rich and famous. Half of all Americans owned whole life insurance. Today? Not so much.

And.. that education is crucial because… if you don’t know how to wield this mighty financial weapon, it’s expensive and “heavy,” like Excalibur in the wrong hands.

OK… next.

It’s not gold.

Gold is actually a terrible way to save munny. Ahhhh I know I just gave some goldbugs a heart attack, but let’s think logically about this. If you look at any historical price chart that spans more than a decade, gold doesn’t have an impressive history as a hedge against inflation…

In fact, sometimes, it lags inflation.

Damn it gold. You had ONE JOB to do…

Gold is useful for a few things, but that’s beyond the scope of this email…

It’s not stocks. Every ex-spurt believes the stock market is the holy grail of financial planning. But if that were the case, the average retirement savings balance wouldn’t be $100,000. It would be $10 million.

It’s not bonds. Have you seen the bond market lately? ‘Nuff said.

It’s not savings accounts, bank CDs, or money markets. These are all basically consolation prizes from the bank to make people feel good about having something stashed away for a rainy day.

And sometimes they’re not even good for that. Remember IndyMac Bank? No depositors were left hanging out on that deal, right?

It’s not 401(k)s, IRAs, 403(b)s, or any other retirement account. Retirement accounts are quite literally exceptions to the tax code — government favors, if you will.


…if you think the government is here to help you and give you favors because they’re humanitarians… well… go ask the Indians how that worked out for them. They INVENTED the totem pole and they’re at the bottom of it.

I have yet to see a government favor work out well for the recipient. Retirement accounts tease you with a tax incentive and by the time you’re old and gray, it’s too late… you pay back everything you saved in fees (which compound with your investment returns)… and then you have to pay taxes… and whatever is left is yours (which ain’t much, relatively speaking).

OK… so where does that leave us?

It leaves us (or rather you) with the most obvious thing: you. Or, more precisely, your productive ability.

I dunno why, but people seriously discount their own ability to create wealth and savings. Por ejemplo: did you know saving 20% of your income has a greater impact on your current and future wealth than doubling your investment return? And not just by a little.

We’re talking millions of dollars big.

Millions of dollars without making sacrifices to your lifestyle and without taking risk.

When people ask how much I’m personally saving, I tell them somewhere between 40% and 50%, depending on what projects I have lined up for the year.

I do it without making personal sacrifices and I don’t spend more than 5 or 6 minutes per month managing my money. Wife is the same way and (sorry honey) she was almost completely ignorant about finances and especially insurance when we first met.

None of this is to brag. It’s to show it can be done. And, it can be done by you (whether you actually do it is another matter). Still, most people I tell this to look at me like I’m either lying or from Mars.

So… I decided to start a project called “The Monegenix Method”. It’s an insurance-based approach to financial planning which uses… wait for it… life insurance as a cornerstone product. But, it’s more than just a product. It’s a process… right down to my “anti-budget” cash flow planning.

And… everything is powered by you. Your productivity. You are the investment instead of someone (or something) else.

So, if you want to hit the reset button on your life and give your finances an overhaul, here’s where you can come get some of my lovin’:

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David Lewis, AKA The Rogue Agent, has been a life insurance agent since 2004, and has worked with some of the oldest and most respected mutual life insurance companies in the U.S. during that time. To learn more about him and his business, go here.