Use the shadow banking functions embedded in a custom high cash value life insurance policy to start a new business or "infinitely" finance future business growth. Have more control over your cash flow. Gain the duel benefit of a traditional life insurance policy and a fully insured savings plan you can use again and again to make substantial capital investments in your business. Businesses that use shadow banking within life insurance policies can grow more quickly, and are more stable, than business that do not.

Protect your most valuable (key) employees with life insurance while also providing them with a guaranteed future retirement income. A 162 bonus or double-bonus plan funded with a custom life insurance policy can dramatically simplify an executive's compensation package while also providing very generous benefits not available elsewhere.

Simplify succession planning for your business with a buy-sell agreement funded by life insurance. Plan out how ownership will be transferred at death and provide the money for the buyout on a tax-free basis.

If you're ready to build real financial security using a custom life insurance or annuity plan, then schedule your meeting now and let's talk.

What do you want help with?

Make a new life insurance plan

Build an entirely new insurance-based financial plan for yourself and your business using life insurance, annuities, or a combination of both, from the ground up. This option is ideal when you haven't started a systematic savings plan yet, don't have any life insurance (or are underinsured), or if you're ready to scrap an old financial plan and start a new plan.

Many of our custom life insurance plans don't require any medical underwriting or medical exams. Policies can be applied for, approved, and delivered to you within 2 to 4 weeks, with all "paperwork" handled online via a digital document gateway. Some life insurance plans are eligible for same-day approval and digital delivery.

Collaborate with me on making a sensible long-term plan. We'll work together and discuss what your long-term goals, wants, and needs are.

Find the money in your business to start saving, insuring, and planning for your future.

Develop a systematic process for making smarter, better, business and financial decisions. Become more mindful about your money.

Grow your savings in a safe, predictable manner. Make personal and business plans you can count on. Know that your savings will be there for you when you need it.

Sleep well at night, knowing your plan will work no matter what happens "out there". Be confident that your business is safe, and your future is fully insured.

You'll also receive

Ongoing updates about the insurance industry and your life insurance company, specifically.

Free financial advice and support as long as you remain a client.

Free apps and calculators to help you make better financial decisions and plan for your future.

Access to an exclusive client-only research library.

We earn commissions by selling custom participating whole life insurance policies. Commissions for all custom whole life policies are far below the industry standard — typically between 25% and 35% of the total premium paid, plus a modest performance-based asset fee. The asset fee is based on the positive performance of your policy. Our success is directly tied to your success. Furthermore, this fee is paid by the life insurance company, and is not deducted from your insurance policy cash values or billed as a separate fee. Canceling your policy will generally result in a clawback of commissions and fees paid.

Get a second opinion

Rate: $250 per hour

Want me to review a life insurance policy or annuity that's being proposed by another insurance agent or financial planner? Or... want me to review an existing policy you already own?

Get an in-depth review of a proposed policy, and its suitability, for your specific financial goals and needs.

Get an objective view of the facts, as well as my professional opinion based on years of experience.

Get suggestions if the proposal can be improved in some way, or get suggestions on how the policy's design can be modified to better suit your needs, goals, and preferences.

Get advice about an existing policy and whether it makes sense to keep or replace it.

*Billable hours are determined during the initial meeting and an invoice will be generated and sent to your email. This service comes with a 100% money-back guarantee if the advice does not (or cannot) produce the intended results.


I appreciate that you listen to what I want to achieve and what I’m worried about, rather than telling me what you think should be important to me. I’m impressed you could look at my rather meager assets and income and devise solutions that have given me more financial peace of mind than I ever got having 401Ks.

Your meticulous attention to detail assures me that I know exactly what to expect. You’ve given me a different perspective about making my money work for me. I actually feel I have control.

— Marilyn · Legal Assistant

Admittedly, talking about my retirement savings (or lack thereof) has been a subject I’ve avoided. I knew i needed to do something but I did not want to put more in my 401(k), Roth IRA, or buy gold.

I started looking for alternatives that were a bit out of the box, which is scary at almost 60 years. I got in touch with you and began to learn about whole life insurance. It took me awhile. I was skeptical about any idea that had the word “insurance” attached to it. I had been wooed in the past by skilled insurance salesmen but had avoided their grasp.

But, you didn’t push the product. Your approach was to understand what I understood, what my fears were, what my plan was for the future (even though I didn’t have one) and proceed from there. We had several conversations and exchanged plenty of emails. You were very patient and explained the same concepts to me several times. You were persistent yet encouraging as we evaluated my finances, even though I resisted. You addressed every doubt and every hesitation until I was satisfied on my own account. I never felt coerced or pressured.

Once the concept of whole life started to click, I was very sure this was the direction I wanted to go. You showed me how to get there and tailored my policy to meet my particular needs and comfort level- well, we pushed that a bit, but I’m glad we did.

My only question is, where were you 30 years ago to take me down this road?

— Shari · Grant Writer

Before meeting you, I had consulted with a few financial advisors and done a few months of research into my options. But it became evident that many brokers were not familiar with any companies besides a couple of their favorites. It also became evident that many brokers were more interested in “closing” me than in optimizing my policy.

It was frustrating. I had to remind myself that the money I was considering investing in my policy represented years of my own labor. I deserved the time and attention required to really optimize it.

You were willing to spend the significant amount of time required to consider numerous types of policies and companies, as well as go back-and-forth with me during revisions to ensure I would receive a great return on my investment.

After speaking with several brokers, I decided to work with you because you were the most informed across numerous life insurance companies and the nuances of their policies. You helped me select a policy with twice the internal rate of return than the first quote I had received from another broker. Life insurance is now a significant part of my estate, and I look forward to working with you for many years to come.

— Keith · Public Relations, business owner

Biggest problem I was having was finding somewhere to put my savings where it would be as safe from thieving bureaucrats as possible while still realizing some kind of growth.

I’m pissed. Still am, but less so than before. Life insurance as it exists today is undoubtedly a pale imitation of what it could be in a free market, but in terms of safety (and other utility), it’s the best option I’ve discovered so far.

There’s still a lot I need to understand about how life insurance works as a long-term savings vehicle, but for now I’m at least satisfied that some of my money is a little safer from theft and wildly arbitrary taxation.

It’s too early to tell, but I’m cautiously optimistic. I’m currently putting about 20% of my savings into life insurance, with the rest split between precious metals, investments, and traditional retirement accounts.

I wish life insurance could offer a better rate of return, but with an out-of-control pirate state sailing the financial seas, pillaging with impunity, I’m happy to have some measure of safety, even if it means giving up a lot of potential profit.

— Tim · Freelance Writer

I live in a small town in Ohio.

I had read and studied about the benefits of permanent insurance, but I was not able to find a local insurance agent who was intimately familiar with many of the concepts that I had read about.

Specifically, I was interested in using my cash value to provide one stream of retirement income, while maintaining my death benefit. An even larger goal was structuring a life insurance portfolio for estate planning purposes. My goal is to transfer the death benefit proceeds into a small private family foundation that I set up a few years ago. Also, I was not able to find someone locally that was familiar with the concept of “being your own bank”.

I understand that David is not overly giddy about this aspect of WL cash value use, but he understands the very fine details and mechanics of how this “works” and utilizes this approach when appropriate for his clients. I purchased a large WL policy from David and found him to be extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with. He was available by email and via phone. He clearly has a very deep understanding of life insurance and worked to tailor a policy that was most beneficial for me.

One thing that I did notice about the policy I purchased through David is the rather quick initial growth in cash value. My other WL policies took many more years to achieve a point where cash value exceeded cash payments. I like that! Working with David has been easy and enjoyable. He is obviously intelligent, enjoys his work, and I believe truly strives not to just sell policies, but to actually help individuals achieve their financial goals. He does this efficiently and with a personal touch of high quality service. I was initially hesitant to work with an agent online, or with someone I had not personally met. However, after working with David, I have been extremely pleased.

I never felt pressured to purchase a policy, nor to do anything that I felt uneasy about. I truly believe that David has used his knowledge and skills to help me and my family achieve our financial and estate planning goals. I heartily give him my highest recommendation.

— Robert · MD, CPE, business owner

Growing up, I never received any real education in the realm of finance. I learned a bit on the importance of compounding interest in high school, but when I graduated college and got a job, interest rates were so low that it didn’t appear to be worth saving money. I saved a nominal amount in a 401k for retirement mostly because of a generous employer match. Retirement aside, I thought simply having a good cash flow was good enough.

Fortunately, David began posting his writing and advertising his services around the time I started to become interested in learning more about managing money. After a few hours of him “showing me the numbers”, he convinced me that I was thinking about things incorrectly. His writing and book recommendations have been an immense aid in teaching myself better finance principles and proved to me that it is very important to save money for all of those opportunities and curve balls that life throws at you.

I am now the happy owner of two life insurance policies, and I am armed with the knowledge to use them effectively. Thanks, David!

— Thomas · Nuclear Engineer, business owner

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