Build Real Financial Security With A Custom Whole Life Insurance Policy

If you're not already very familiar (and totally comfortable) with dividend-paying whole life insurance, go ahead and watch this lengthy (2.5 hours) "slow walkthrough" video demonstration, and read through a detailed sample policy illustration, before you book an appointment with me. The video covers every aspect of the insurance policy illustration, page-by-page, including how all the riders, features, and benefits work. I don't cover just the "rosy" numbers. I cover everything — the good, the bad, the ugly. Below the video is a link to download the sample policy illustration so you can follow along with the video or go through it with a fine tooth comb in private, at your leisure.

Please Read This Before You Schedule An Appointment

("The Rules")

  1. Before you schedule an appointment, or become a client, you must first join the daily email list. You must join the daily email list with a real email address and not a “throwaway” or fake address.

  2. Individuals who “no show” for a scheduled and confirmed meeting, “ghost” or otherwise “flake out”, cancel or back out of an application for life insurance after approval, or cancel an in-force insurance policy or any other product or service offering, are permanently banned for life from the Monegenix® Universe and its web properties (including all mailing lists, apps, affiliate sites, and social media forums) and are prohibited from buying, or otherwise acquiring, any and all products, and any and all services offered by David C Lewis or Monegenix®.

  3. To become an insurance client, you must qualify for insurance. Generally this means passing both medical and financial underwriting requirements.

Life Insurance Planning Options

Make A New Insurance-Based Financial Plan Using Life Insurance, Annuities, Or Both

Discuss whether term life insurance, a custom whole life insurance policy, or guaranteed annuity contract is right for you.

I'll ask you a few questions about your vision for the future and what you want out of the insurance, your financial goals, and then we'll discuss whether life insurance or annuities are suitable for your situation. If you like the idea, we'll make an insurance-based financial plan together, I'll draft an initial policy illustration, complete field underwriting for your life insurance policy, and start an application for you. We may also discuss debt-management, and any other special financial planning you would like to do.

If you decide life insurance isn't right for you, just tell me "no" and we'll end the call, immediately. No pressure. No hassle.

We earn commissions by selling custom participating whole life insurance policies. Commissions for all custom whole life policies are typically between 25% and 35% of the total premium paid, plus a performance-based asset fee. The asset fee is based on the positive performance of your policy. Our success is directly tied to your success. This fee is paid by the life insurance company, and is not deducted from your insurance policy cash values or billed as a separate fee. Canceling your policy will generally result in a clawback of commissions and fees paid.

Get A Second Opinion

Want me to review a fixed life insurance policy or annuity that's being proposed by another insurance agent or financial planner? Need independent auditing of a fixed life insurance policy, field underwriting consultation, or a review of your insurance-based financial plan? Or... want me to review an existing fixed life insurance or annuity policy you already own?

Get an in-depth review of a proposed policy, and its suitability, for your specific financial goals and needs.

Get an objective view of the facts, as well as my professional opinion based on years of experience.

Get suggestions if the proposal can be improved in some way, or get suggestions on how the policy's design can be modified to better suit your needs, goals, and preferences.


  • $500 for a full review of your policy illustration and contract.
  • $750 for a full review of your policy illustration and contract + reverse engineering and full disclosure of all internal policy expenses.
  • $250 per hour for additional, extra, work.

*Billable hours are determined during the initial meeting and an invoice will be generated and sent to your email. This service comes with a 100% money-back guarantee if the advice does not (or cannot) produce the intended results.