Call the whambulance

Sometimes I forget just how entitled people have become.

What do I mean?
Well, someone on Fakebook popped their head down out of the clouds to whine and complain about how the gubbment should be paying for everyone’s healthcare …and “why would someone not want the government to pay for their healthcare?”
… and the government should do more… and “there outta be a law..” and so on.

I can think of a few reasons why I wouldn’t want socialized healthcare. The VA is one of them.
But beyond the examples, there’s a philosophical reason why:
It’s wrong.
It’s wrong to force people to do things against their will… like pay for health insurance they don’t want (or coverage they don’t need).
Of course, then there are the practical arguments for socialized medicine that go something like this:
“healthcare has become so expensive we NEED the government to get involved.”
Check it.
Per capita (per person) healthcare costs in 1958 was only like $130. Adjusting for 1958 dollars and an average wage of $1.98 per day, it cost 15 days of work to pay for a year’s worth of healthcare. Not insurance… care. And that includes both private and public spending.
Fast forward to today. Nearly $10,000 or an average of 58 days of work to pay for a year’s worth of healthcare.
A freer (not free but freer) market was SOOOOOO much cheaper (even with the so-called “evil” profit motive involved) than today’s half-breed system.
And in the 1900s? Even cheaper.
But since the good ole days are behind us, your next best option is to go through the process of self-insuring.
How do you do that?
You learn The Monegenix Method and devise your own micro-free market.
If you want to fight the system without losing your shirt, come hither and join the list. I give away valuable info that never makes it to the blog.

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