You can’t have your covfefe and eat it, too

The thing that amuses me most about Trump’s presidency is his slogan: Make America Great Again.

Amusing because he’s been president for 151 days and has yet to accomplish anything that will fulfill his campaign promise.

Yes he’s done some chest-beating about taxes and the wall (lol) and Isis and jobs and all the usual stuff.


…it don’t matter who he hired… who he fired… who got appointed justice… who’s loyal (or not loyal) to him… the +2 -1 regulation promise… how many plants he kept from moving to Mexico… lifetime bans on lobbying…

None of that matters.

You know why?

Presidents don’t make America great.

You do.

You and everyone else who starts, runs, or otheriwse creates their own job.

business owners…



… and the self-starters and self-made folks who work for someone else.

Once upon a time, all this was common knowledge.

Here’s what I mean: Dr. Solomon Huebner (a professor of economics and insurance) told his students… in 1915 mind you… if they wanted America to remain a wealthy country, then each individual had to amass their own savings… become wealthy… insure that savings against loss… and rely on their own judgment and hard work to achieve success.

The economics textbooks of that time… and even popular literature… reflected this idea.

Back then the way you built a savings was by putting money in a savings account and… buying guaranteed savings contracts called “life insurance.”

Things are a bit different today but, in principle, these insurance policies work the same as they did back then… and in some ways, they’re much better than they were back then due to the way insurance companies are run today.

The “trick,” if there is one, is to get your policy customized for your specific financial situation…

… which is what me and my crew do.

Unfortunately, this type of customization is not all that common in the industry… and it’s only getting worse…


Because the average age of a life insurance advisor is 59 years old… and every year it jumps up a few years… and well… most guys and ghouls in this biz retire or semi-retire at 65-70.

In fact, 25% of ALL insurance advisors in the U.S. are retiring next year.

BOOM. Gone.

They’re not thinking about the long-term. They’re thinking about their own retirement.

And the next gen of advisors?

… and MY generation?

They’re getting a worse education than the previous generation… especially the 20-something whippersnappers who have barely enough experience to balance a checkbook.

They’re not dumb… no no no. Far from it. They’re simply uneducated. Big difference. HUGE.

These folks are innocently ignorant.

Now… the ohter part of the equation is the client.

I’ve seen folks come and go because they were totally unwilling to save at least 10% of their income.


They balked at saving 10% while SPENDING 100%.


They thought they could skate by saving $50 here… $10 there… and somehow wind up with a gazillion smackeroos by retirement or whatever…

… whining and complaining about never having any money… all the while spending MORE than they made… going on vacations they couldn’t afford… buying shyte they truly didn’t value just to look wealthier than they really were.


Not how savings works, my precious.

You don’t need to make sacrifices… but you DO need to make priorities.

… priorities like INSURED savings.

Or not… that’s up to you.

Either way, you can’t have your covfefe and eat it, too.

What you CAN do is make your life easier by setting some moolah aside each month for your future without having to make sacrifices along the way.

What you CAN do is insure your savings the RIGHT way… protect you and your family… your business… and your investments…

Anyway, if you want to how to do all that jazz, sign up to my email list.

David Lewis, AKA The Rogue Agent, has been a life insurance agent since 2004, and has worked with some of the oldest and most respected mutual life insurance companies in the U.S. during that time. To learn more about him and his business, go here.