Cash Flow Kickstart

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If you want to dramatically simplify your finances, save more money every month for short and long-term financial goals, and control your cash flow without tracking expenses (or doing any form of conventional budgeting), then this (short) eBook will show you how.

The name of this book is Cash Flow Kickstart, and it’s designed to help you control cash flow and save more money for your future, starting over the next 30 days, without increasing your income. In fact, not only can this short eBook help you save money immediately... it can potentially, permanently, alter your destiny for the better. And no, it doesn't rely on any mystical, woo-woo, nonsense either. It’s an entirely new (and simpler) way of looking at your finances that does away with traditional expense tracking and categorization. Most budgets focus on organizing expenses by type (categories) and then teach you to adopt a deprivation mindset (i.e. "saving money means making sacrifices"). Cash Flow Kickstart teaches you how to organize your money by function and purpose, eliminating arbitrary expense categories and expense types, and instead adopt a value-driven mindset.

Here are some of things you find inside:

  • How to gain iron-grip control over your cash flow and savings without using financial aggregation or automation apps (This simple and “obvious” approach eliminates the need for most modern money apps). 
  • "Mind control" techniques you can start using on yourself immediately to dump negative thoughts you have about money (without resorting to mystical, feel-good, "positive thinking" affirmations or other assorted flim-flam).
  • How to arrange it so that your savings grows over time whenever you borrow money (this turns conventional lending on its head, and puts you in control of your future savings).
  • Why financial aggregation and automation may be making it harder for you to save money (It has nothing to do with security or technology).
  • Why you don’t need to spend more than 15 minutes each MONTH managing your money (And if you’re spending more than that, you’re just wasting your valuable time). 
  • Mindset traps that prevent you from developing a healthy relationship with money (You won't find this info the latest edition of Cosmo or Men's Health or on any blog).
  • Why using envelopes and spending categories can cause you to make bad decisions with your money (and how focusing on spending purpose prevents you from making stupid mistakes).
  • How to flip your mindset from "deprivation mode" to "value mode" (doing this completely eliminates stress and anxiety commonly associated with budgeting).
  • How to "outsmart" your subconscious mind to save more money... even if you don't really feel like it (Use this 4-step process and you can solve almost any "hangup" you have about money). 
  • Why tracking individual expenses makes managing money harder, not easier (Once you understand how banks really work, you’ll never want to track your own expenses again).
  • How to pay for expenses you can’t afford or when you have no income (This stupid-simple trick will save you hundreds of dollars in late fees). 
  • How to “smooth out” your income and eliminate the shock of “dry spells,” even if you work in a cyclical industry (This simple cash flow hack is perfect for home-based business owners and freelancers).
  • The exact type of bank account you should have (And the exact type of bank account you should NEVER have). 
  • How to save up to 30% more of your income without changing your current lifestyle (This works even if you don’t think you have anything left at the end of the month).
  • How to see financial trouble coming several months in advance (The tip in “step 5” will let you plan for unexpected expenses with near-perfect accuracy). 
  • How to force your bank to become your unpaid accountant (Most people are overpaying for bookkeeping and expense-tracking software and don’t realize they can get similar services from their bank... for free).
  • And so much more…

xFlow™Lite 3.0 application for Windows and Mac is also included to help you implement the budgeting strategies contained in the eBook. The app isn't necessary, but it is there as a helpful tool if you choose to use it.

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