… and you never will be unless… you do one more thing.

Are you ready? 

OK, good. 

Let’s get to it.


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Profile of a Rogue Agent David Lewis | Rogue Agent | Life Insurance Specialist Propagandist | Author | Alt-Investor

Your mission-if you choose to accept it-is to read this entire page first, before you confirm your daily email subscription. 

WARNING: This page is really, really, really, really long. It’s also not politically correct. Hell, it’s not even grammatically correct. 

But, it is the first “litmus test” for you and me. 

And only the penitent man will pass. 

No. Wait. Wrong movie.

Anyway, the details of what you need to do to join my daily email list are at the bottom of this page, and… if you can’t make it to the bottom of this page, then you probably wouldn’t enjoy any of my daily emails anyway, so… I can save you a lot of time and money right now (see, I’m already doling out the free money-saving tips!). 

But seriously, this is important because… this is your last chance avoid the mistake of signing up for my “too controversial”, and blatantly self-aggrandizing, daily emails that will never end until I die (or until you unsubscribe).

But, more importantly, it’s my last chance to shoo away individuals who are intellectually lazy, dishonest, or otherwise just not a good “fit” for my services.  And, unfortunately, there are a lot of those types of folks who try to sneak onto my email list because they desperately need help, are hopelessly dependent-minded followers (as opposed to independent-minded self-leaders), and apparently… I am the only one who can save them? 


Who are these people? Well…

Some are nutballs who walk in off the street. Others are trolls. And still others believe it’s somehow my duty and responsibility to wipe their nose, kiss their boo boo, and fix all their problems (for free, of course).

Another thing is… this is also my last chance to discourage the rip-off artists working in the financial services industry who are always trying to pass off my ideas as their own. One financial planner went so far as to blatantly steal one of my articles a few years ago, posted it to LinkedIn Pulse, and was using it for his own LinkedIn marketing. The only reason I found him at the time was because he was such an idiot, he forgot to delete my name from the byline of the article.

Most ripoff artists are a bit more subtle. For example, I’ve had numerous life insurance agents over the years fraudulently and dishonestly pretend to be a prospective client, schedule a phone meeting with me, and then try to “pump” me for information. They’re always trying to steal my life insurance policy design methodology (which, apparently, is so good, the home office of several life insurance companies have found it difficult to replicate… and they own the software!).

The good news (for me) is… rip-off artists tend to share a common character trait-they’re lazy. And, therefore, the odds of them actually reading all this is very very low.

So, you see, this page hopefully helps me at least as much as it helps you. 

And now…

Let Me Tell You Why I’m Full Of Shit, Boring, And Probably Not Worth Your Time And Attention

I know, I know… I’m supposed to tell you how awesome I am, and fill it in with all these compelling reasons why you should click the confirmation link in the email I just sent you (see, I’m so boring, you didn’t even notice me sending you an email just now). 

And… I will, but first… let me share with you… 

Comments From The Haters

This is a collection of folks who have trolled me over the years or who just plain didn’t like what I had to say for one reason or another. These folks contacted me either via email, or blasted me on social media or elsewhere. They said a bunch of nasty stuff about me (boo hoo!), and are trying to convince you not to sign up for my email list or do business with me. 

Let’s see if they succeed:


Comment #1:

“Whole life is what scam-based insurance people like David Lewis use to make a lot of money in commission at your expense. Get term life insurance. Never mix investing and insurance.” – L.C.G., self-proclaimed financial expert and forum moderator; [location withheld]


Comment #2:

“You ‘talk people into’ buying whole life insurance policies, which I personally think are not just a bad investment, but verging on a scam.” – R.F., Real estate investor and developer; [location withheld]


Comment #3:

“According to David, most advisors are ideologues, spewing the failed practices of the companies who control the financial service industry. Only his way of doing things puts the client first.” – Joe, Financial Advisor [location withheld]


Comment #4:

“You’re entitled to your viewpoint. But, I consider a flat dismissal of the codes that professionals have, for centuries, developed, refined, and attempted to live by to be absurd – and, frankly, rather silly.” – J.O., Financial Planner [location withheld]


Comment #5:

“I couldn’t disagree more with your view of the financial services industry.” – C.G., Certified Financial Planner [location withheld]


And one of my all-time favorites was from a lawyer who found out my expertise was in custom whole life insurance. He didn’t like that and, after a long series of back-and-forth emails, sent me this in one of his little “love letters”:



I also get some sidewinders, like this one:


Apparently, some folks believe I am either the most vile person on the Internet, or that I outsource my daily emails and don’t have the work ethic or integrity to actually write them myself each and every day (News Alert: Even though I’m a very busy person these days, I still write all my own emails), or that I am wrong for questioning the establishment or The Narrative™. 

But Wait… It Gets Better

I even got a “comment from the haters” once from my own email broadcasting company who I paid to send out my daily emails…


You read that right. 

My financial advice-about life insurance-was apparently so controversial that the admins running the email broadcasting company refused to send my email out to my email list. 

Needless to say, I fired that company and found a new company to do business with that doesn’t do thought-policing.

Point is, the thoughts, ideas, and opinions expressed in my emails are not for everyone. 

They might not even be for most people.

If that sort of thing terrifies or offends you, or you are already getting that “I don’t think this is right for me” vibe, then that’s perfectly fine. No harm, no foul. You still have time to back out before I start sending you any emails.

All you have to do is close your browser window and you won’t receive another email from me, ever again.

You see, a long time ago, I realized that not everyone belongs on my email list, and… that’s OK. 

Here’s a short-list of folks who should not confirm their subscription to my daily email list:

  1. Insurance agents and financial advisors of any stripe;
  2. Lazy and dishonest individuals;
  3. Individuals who are easily offended by new, different, or radical ideas;
  4. Value destroyers;
  5. Those who have an irrational fear of receiving emails;

I’m half joking on that last one. 

For whatever reason, some people join my daily email list and then unsubscribe after a week because… according to them, I sent too many emails

Yes, really.

“What did you expect?!” I yell to the heavens, as I wave my hands and scream, “SERENITY NOW!”

Look. I know in this day and age it’s commonplace to not get what you expect.

But, read this now and understand it later…

I deliver on my promises.

And, this I promise to you: This is a daily email list. You will receive an email from me every day.

I know I shouldn’t have to say this at this point, because it’s obvious, but… you know those signs you sometimes see out in front of a bar or restaurant… and some of them instruct patrons to avoid doing something that seems very unusual or common sense to you, like…

“No texting your ex after 2PM”:

(This was a real sign outside a local bar called “Sharky’s”-excellent wings and fries, terrible burgers)


Well, the reason those signs exist is because…


It’s not obvious to these sorts of people. These types of people also do things like… sign up for a daily email list and then unsubscribe when they receive an email from me every day (but not before complaining about it, first) .

So… once again, just for the idiots in the crowd… and, just in case it’s not already abundantly clear…

This Is A Daily Email List-About Life Insurance Planning-For Business Owners, Professionals, Or Otherwise Employed Or Self-Employed, Independent-Thinking, Self-Leaders

If you don’t fit into that category for one reason or another, it’s not like you won’t get anything out of being plugged into the Monegenix® Multiverse, but… it might not be the most productive use of your time.

Also, the people who tend to do well on my email list are those who are emotionally stable, have a high self-esteem, those who place a high value on their own life and the life of those they love and care about, and… those rare individuals left in the world who tolerate (maybe even enjoy) being exposed to new ideas and even… ideas they disagree with.

OK, now that all the idiots have closed their browser windows and are angrily typing out an email to me, let me explain a bit about what you can expect from me. 

First of all, I send out an email every day (have I mentioned that yet?).

Each email contains a financial tip in there somewhere, or ancient (and often forgotten) financial wisdom, or an unusual take on budgeting, life insurance, investing, and money management, but… I don’t publish the “5 ways to save money on your grocery bill” stuff. 

First of all, it’s been done to death. Secondly, that shit is boring-even to me-and I’m in the financial services industry. Thirdly, the really important financial advice never comes in the form of “do this, not that” type advice.

The good stuff is not found in an authoritarian-style advice-giver’s column. 

Authoritarianism is big these days, I realize, but all that does is lead to dependent followers. 

I don’t want dependent followers. 

The folks who tend to do well on my email list, and who eventually become clients of mine, are self-leaders. They are either natural self-leaders or they learn to become self-leaders.

So, if the idea of becoming an independent-minded self-leader scares the hell out of you, then close your browser window right now

There are plenty of financial goo-ruse out there willing to take your money, and promise you “financial peace”, in exchange for your undying loyalty and obedience. Also, by joining the goo-roo-of-the-month club, you get a nice, warm, cozy, sheepskin to wear over your frail, thin, skin-a must-have for these trying times.

If the idea of becoming part of a tribe or herd (or whatever they’re calling it these days) is repulsive to you, then listen up:

This Email List Might Be Just The Thing You’re Looking For

Lots of people do not like my writing style, my personality, my financial advice, but… 

Lots of people do. 

Here are just a handful of unsolicited emails I’ve received over the years:


Email #1:

“You are a breath of fresh air. Thanks.”-Bob


Email #2:

At first, I was a bit shocked at your extremely informal writing style, but it has grown on me. I actually look forward to your emails and the intriguing stories.” -Tom


Email #3:

“I read your very thorough discussion of the IBC on on nuwireinvestor. I wanted to thank you for providing such relevant content on the subject. I found your piece very well done and I found your explanations very analytical. Thank you for that service to readers. Content creators like you inspire me and I’m so thankful that we live in an age where so much knowledge is available to us.” -Wayne, Dentist


Email #4:

“Watched your video on time value of money and whole life compared to other investments. Very interesting.”-Alex, property and casualty agent


Email #5:

“I found your comments about the ‘be…own bank’ stuff straight to the point and (maybe) helpful.” -Joe


Email #6:

“Keep up the good work..I like reading your emails.” -Kelechi


Email #7:

“Kick ass writing David!” -Joe


I like that last one. Short. Sweet. To the point. And… true.

I don’t know what that does for you (if anything). But, hopefully it gives you some sort of feel for what I do and what to expect. 

OK, Now For Some Ground Rulez

Before you decide whether or not you really want to be on this email list, there are some ground rules. 

  1. You must join my email list using your real name (first name is fine)
  2. You must use a real email address that you check on the regular, not a “throwaway” email address or gmail filter (these get flagged in my email system and blocked).
  3. You must verify your identity using a real cell phone number you own (this is not for marketing purposes-only for human verification purposes).

In other words, if you tried being clever by signing up to my email list using a fake name or tried to put in all 0s or something for your cell phone number, you’re going to be kicked off my email list because your info cannot be verified.

Sorry… but ‘dems da rules.

Also, why bother giving any information at all to a website you don’t trust enough with your legit info? What could you possibly get from such an “untrustworthy” website that would be worth your while?

I’m trying to save you time and money here. So, be real, or be gone.

On the other hand, if you just mistyped your email or phone number accidentally, that’s cool. All you need to do is go back to https://www.monegenix.com/signup/ and sign up again. It’s OK. It happens to the best of us. 

My email list functions like a community. There’s a free mobile media app (for iOS and Android devices) where email subscribers can watch exclusive videos on life insurance, budgeting, investing, and financial planning, as well as get timeless business advice and information. There are also exclusive PDF downloads you don’t find anywhere else. There’s even a private social media forum (not hosted on “Big Tech” platforms or servers) where you can “meet” me, chat with other email list subscribers, and post your thoughts and ideas about money, the economy, philosophy, or whatever strikes your fancy, and… you can say almost anything you want without worrying about some computer algorithm messing with you or selling your data to a 3rd party advertiser. And, even though I am the email list (and forum) owner, there are no leaders or followers here.

To borrow a phrase, I am not your guru.

I don’t want to be your guru. 

What I want is to mingle and do business with like-minded individuals-self-leaders-who are passionate about their chosen profession or business, and who are enthusiastic about protecting what they have rightfully earned through hard work, honesty, and integrity. 

I know a lot of life insurance agents are in it to “make the sale” and move onto the next one. 

I don’t think there’s necessarily anything wrong with that approach, but… that’s not my business. 

My business is all about creating a community, providing maximum value to my email list and clients, and help them in building financial security and independence through life insurance planning. Many of my clients have purchased more than one life insurance policy from me. Naturally, because of this, I write and talk a lot about protecting one’s income and assets using custom life insurance policies designed by Yours Unruly. 

Because… let me tell you something you already know:

The World Is Not Safe For Value Producers

Value producers are honest, hard-working, self-made individuals who create commercially-viable, tradable, net values for others in exchange for money, either by being employed by a business or by owning a business or otherwise being self-employed. In other words, they are the free market, pro-capitalist, oriented business-owners, professionals, entrepreneurial-minded go-getter employees, artists, and pretty much anyone else who creates honest values for others in pursuit of profit.

These value producers are constantly threatened by “value destroyers”. 

Value destroyers are anti-capitalist, human-hating, parasitical and dependent individuals who don’t create any net values for anyone, and instead drain or actively destroy other people’s values.

They include governments and many government employees (especially bureaucrats), politicians of all stripes, most lawyers, most unions and union leaders, religious leaders and gurus, “white collar hoax” business executives, and every other form of business quisling who operates and survives by using political-type mechanizations, the direct or indirect coercive power and brute force of government to crush their competition or give themselves an unfair advantage using both covert and overt crony capitalist tactics, law-fare, unjust and non-objective laws and regulations, subtle psychological manipulations, “office politics”, and other devious and deceptive maneuvers.

Value destroyers are the dregs of society.

They subtly (and sometimes not-so-subtly) drain value producers of their time, wealth, and energy. They are nothing but destructive and they leave a trail of failure behind them.

And, because of this, they are not allowed on my email list and I never knowingly do business with them. 

If you feel the same way about them as I do, then you and I likely will get along just fine. 

Back to the topic of the daily emails. 

I’ve been in the life insurance business since 2004, and since that time, I have slowly discovered that the really important financial stuff is often the basics-the underlying principles of finance that make the economic engine of the world run. Those principles work on both the smallest scale possible (i.e. the individual level) as well as the largest scale possible (i.e. global enterprises). 

And, so, that’s what I do and teach in my daily emails. 

Sometimes these principles are taught in the form of a story, parable, metaphor, or analogy. Sometimes my emails are very serious and literal, especially when it’s “inside baseball” about the life insurance industry. And sometimes, it’s me just ranting about something or goofing off and having fun.

If you don’t want any part of that, or if you feel that would be “overwhelming” for you, don’t sweat it.  



But, assuming you’ve made it this far, my guess is you probably do want to know more about this life insurance stuff. 

Here’s what I can tell you right now…

A good business and financial plan almost always involves the principled and strategic use of life insurance. You may or may not already know this but… life insurance forms the foundation of the financial industry. Many people believe that banks and the banking system is the backbone of the financial industry. 

But… banks own billions upon billions of dollars worth of life insurance. They use it to secure their Tier 1 capital, which is the measure of their financial strength and solvency. Life insurance companies are, in a sense, the banker’s bank. Banks keep so much of their money with life insurance companies because they see it as safer and more stable than anything else they could invest their most precious capital in.

Moreover, billionaire investors (including “household names”) buy up lots of whole life insurance to protect their family dynasty, their fortunes, and their personal assets.

But, if you are like most of my email list subscribers, and clients, you are not a billionaire and you might not even be a millionaire. 

You are also not a bank.

You are a hard-working individual who wants to protect what you have rightfully earned, and this is why life insurance is so important. It protects and insures your ability to make money. 

The reality is… whether you like or not, you cannot do anything in life without money. You cannot buy food, you cannot buy a house, and you cannot save money, without an income… without making money. 

But, that ability to make money is constantly under threat, both from professional value destroyers but also… from Black Swan natural events-illness, accidents, and other unexpected, unpredictable, and unknown catastrophes.

Life insurance is your personal guardian against financial ruin. And, for that reason, it forms the basis of any long-term, successful financial plan. You simply cannot get very far if you are constantly risking everything you have and own. Life insurance protects you regardless of whether you live or die, providing money to your heirs at death, but also an abundant savings for you to use for any reason while you’re alive. 

This is why my email list, social media forum, and Monegenix® Media mobile app exists-to help you navigate the murky (and sometimes bewildering) waters of life insurance and decide whether or not this is something you would like to have in your financial plan.

So… as I mentioned at the beginning of this page…

Here’s what you need to do next if you want to start receiving my daily financial tips:

Go check your email for that confirmation link I sent you. It is probably sitting in your inbox right now. If it isn’t, then it probably ended up in your SPAM folder thanks to an overzealous email filtering algorithm. Either way, you might have to search a couple of different folders to find it. Once you find it, drag it back into your inbox. Click the confirmation link, and then… start reading my daily emails. 

What happens after that is… up to you.