In God we trust… all others pay cash

[Random thoughts]

I was watching my favorite Christmas movie today (A Christmas Story, which is based on the book “In God We Trust: All Others Pay Cash”) while helping the wifey string up lights and prep the tree.

I love the part when Ralphie can’t take it anymore and goes ape sh!t on the bully.

Reminds me of how a lot of people feel around the holidays.

There’s this bully nagging them relentlessly.

Oh, they don’t come out and say so, but there’s always something nibbling at them.

Except… unlike Ralphie, they don’t fight back. They bottle it up inside until grandpop drops his dentures in the punch bowl.

Then, it’s all-out war on X-mas (which usually isn’t really what they’re upset about).

It’s weird.

It’s like this “gotta hurry up and have fun” attitude.


I’m quite lazy around the holidays.

Don’t get me wrong.

Even my frigid old heart likes seeing winking lights and gifts under the tree.

Bring me the eggnog of good cheer.

Howl out some carols.

And stand under the mistletoe (or, as the social justice warriors call it, the “rape twig”).

Speaking of howling, I remember last year someone on Fakebook howling about how stressful the holidays are.

Mayhaps they make it that way for themselves.

But… here’s the thing.

Doesn’t have to be that way.

If every year feels like the same ole, same ole, then book your righteous self a very merry appointment and let’s do something about it.

I can’t promise you tidings of good cheer, but I can show you how to avoid a financial hangover:

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