How Yours Grinchly Ruined Christmas

Yours Grinchly is telling everyone to save their moolah this year.

And yet, for some reason, they’re spending.

Spending spending spending.

Buying those blue-toopers and ta-tinkas and who-whoopers and gar-dinkers.

I was reading the average American is spending something like $992 this year on X-mas (2018). Probably $2,000ish per household, between mom and dad. Meanwhile, the median household income is about $62,000 per year.

Those Christmas gifts represent about 3%-4% of a person’s annual income. Not bad but it’s also keeping a lot of folks from saving for their future.

So… I have decided to wage an all out war on Christmas.

I’m gonna stare down at those Whos down in Whoville and…

Wait… what’s that? You say you don’t want to make personal sacrifices to save money?

Well, listen cupcake I —

What’s that you say?

You say saving moolah is boring and aggravating and that my grinchy ways are a real drag on your having fun?

Heh. Well, let me tell you someth—

Huh? What’s that?

You say you’re also sick of people telling you to make choices between having fun now and having a comfortable future?


*tap tap tap*

Maybe I’ve been wrong about this whole Christmas thing.

Maybe spending money on blue-toopers and ta-tinkers and who-whoopers and gar-dinkers isn’t just a bad thing at-tall.

After all, all that borrowing and spending out of savings is going to leave everyone’s bank account bone dry.

Think of all the interest that generates.

Oh, now you’ve got this miserly old man’s braincogs turning.

How can we make this Christmas better than last year… and next year’s Christmas better than this year?

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David Lewis, AKA The Rogue Agent, has been a life insurance agent since 2004, and has worked with some of the oldest and most respected mutual life insurance companies in the U.S. during that time. To learn more about him and his business, go here.