How to have REAL abundance this Thanksgiving


Hey… what are you thankful for?

Plentiful food?


Vacation time?

All of these? Maybe none of these?

Years ago, we went to my uncle’s for Thanksgiving in Rochester. If you’ve never been to the northern part of New York, it gets cold… real cold… this time of year. Anyway, we were sitting in his living room… freezing.

“Hey Unc! Turn up the heat!”

He had the thermostat set at something like 62. It was snowing outside.

But… old unc had conditioned himself to be a real miser. Even when his family was freezing their tookus off.

Now, it wasn’t that he couldn’t afford to heat the house. He had a HUGE home… fireplace… HUGE dining room…

You get the idea.

It’s that he conditioned himself to be a penny pincher and became almost neurotic about spending anything. That scarcity mindset helped him accumulate a huge savings… but it also became a liability.

What do I mean? Well, savings has a purpose… and that purpose is to fuel future production. In other words, the point of having savings is to spend it. Not frivolously, but purposefully.

And yet, so many people try to save by being pennypinchers. When they finally accumulate something substantial, they’re afraid to spend it. They don’t know how… and so they trick themselves into being happy living on less… which kinda defeats the point of having such a sizable sum of moolah.

I guess what I’m trying to say is what good is money if you can’t enjoy it? At the same time, you don’t want to blow it before you really need it.

Since a lot of people are terrible at saving money, most financial planners force their clients to save save save but never spend.

I do things a little differently. I want my clients to save more… but I also want them to be able to SPEND more if they so choose.

That’s REAL abundance.

And, if you want to learn my wicked ways this holiday season, you’ll have to book an appointment.

Or not.

Either way, I hope you and yours have a very Happy Thanksgiving.

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