How to be immortal

That fight you had last week with your spouse… a friend… maybe your mom and dad…

What was it about?

And more importantly, will it matter a year from now?

Most of the time, the answer is: no.

I bring this up because I was listening to the song “Dust In The Wind” the other day… you know… the one by Kansas?

If you haven’t listened to it in a while, go wrangle it up on your vinyl records… or CD… or YouTube… or whatever.

A lot of people listen to that song and would probably say it’s very humbling.

And it can be… but it’s also very empowering.

Here’s what I mean:

You know there’s an expiration date on your life.

You just don’t know when.

The way we all manage to survive every day is by not dwelling on it and focusing on what we can achieve with the time we have left.

We don’t “survive,” we attempt to thrive.

Yes, a lot of people DO wander aimlessly… filling their life with distractions…

Or… and you probably know at least one of these folks in your life because they’re so damn common… the debbie downer… their whole life is a tale of woe…

A tale of how they’re never going to amount to anything… about how “life’s a bitch and then you die.”

About how we’re all just “dust in the wind.”

And… you know something… in a certain sense… they’re right.

We WILL BE, at some point, dust in the wind.

No matter how productive we are right now… there will come a time when we will struggle to have the strength to stand up.

YOU will struggle to get out of bed. To brush your teeth. To do all the things you take for granted now.

And when that time comes, you won’t have any choice about it. It’ll just happen.

You will die.

But you have a choice RIGHT NOW about the kind of legacy you leave.

Do you want to leave money to your church?

Your favorite charity or non-profit organization?

Maybe to a university or a scientific research organization that will figure out how to cure death?

Maybe you want to start a foundation or an educational institution that teaches something to other people… people you could never reach during your lifetime?

Maybe you just want to stroke your own ego an build a statue of yourself and make sure the taxes are paid on the property it sits on…

My point is… most everyone I know wants to make the world a better place to live.

To leave it in better shape than before they came along…

AND… to have a lasting impact after they are gone.

In other words… most people WANT to be immortal.

It’s woven into every major world religion…

And even my atheist friends don’t REALLY want to be forgotten.

And if you agree with that sentiment… you, my friend, are an “odd fellow.”

You want more out of life than what life has to offer.

And… fortunately for you… there is a way to ethically steal more time than what nature has given you.

But you can’t do that if you spend every single cent of your savings before you die.

If you have hopes and dreams… things you know deep in your heart of hearts that you probably won’t be able to accomplish while you’re alive…

An ideal world you want to live in… but that does not yet exist…

A passion for something that seems out of your reach…

You can probably fund it…

With life insurance.

And the reason is… life insurance allows you to spend EVERY STINKIN’ DIME you have while you’re alive and STILL leave a savings behind after you die.

It’s called the death benefit and it doesn’t get much love in the financial world.

Most people are taught that life insurance is for those you leave behind… but it’s really for YOU.

It’s there so you can guiltlessly live your life and enjoy the damn thing (you only get one shot at it)…

Now… this won’t really matter to the bulk of Americans because… and I really hate to say this… but most people live lives of quiet desperation.

But for some people… for ambitious, productive, self-made individuals… it’s the closest thing to a “silver bullet” they’re ever going to get.

And if you happen to be one of those people, I’d like to invite you onto a call so we can chat about it.

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David Lewis, AKA The Rogue Agent, has been a life insurance agent since 2004, and has worked with some of the oldest and most respected mutual life insurance companies in the U.S. during that time. To learn more about him and his business, go here.