xCalc Analyzer™: How To Properly Compare Term vs Whole Life Insurance

xCalc Analyzer™: How To Properly Compare Term vs Whole Life Insurance

Advanced Term and Whole Life Insurance Analysis

We started by reverse engineering whole life insurance contracts from the major mutual insurers that sell them and reconstructed our own hypothetical and fully interactive custom whole life insurance policy calculator so you can better understand how our custom whole life insurance policies really work.

We’ve also compiled term life insurance data from CompuLife and other well-known and reputable term insurance quoting engines. Then, we built a custom savings calculator which automatically adjusts for systematic monthly contributions to savings (which is how most people save money). The calculator also calculates weighted averages for various investments and integrates the cost of term insurance into the savings and investment plan to help you better understand how term insurance impacts the plan over the long-term.

The calculation engine is able to compare whole life insurance against a buy term and invest the difference strategy or combine both financial strategies into one. Watch the video tutorial below to see how it works.

xCalc Analyzer™ Video Tutorial


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