What You'll Learn

  • The three basic types of life insurance, and the pros and cons of each, so you can make a more informed decision;
  • What to expect throughout the policy design, underwriting, and life insurance planning process so you're not surprised or disappointed by the life insurance planning process;
  • How life insurance planning strategies, like infinite banking, work in the context of financial planning so you can make a more informed decision; and,
  • How custom whole life insurance and infinite banking work in the real world with client case studies.

Life Insurance Types

  • Whole Life Insurance
    A combination of permanent, guaranteed, savings and life insurance. Learn More >>>
  • Term Life Insurance
    A temporary, guaranteed, life insurance policy with no savings. Learn More >>>
  • Universal Life Insurance                              A combination of term life insurance and investment options. Learn More >>>

The Policy Design And Underwriting Process

Learn more about how the policy design and underwriting process works at Monegenix®

Infinite Banking

Learn how infinite banking applies to whole life insurance, and how to correctly implement it in your long-term financial plan.


Read client case studies and learn how infinite banking and custom whole life insurance is working right now in real-world scenarios...

Infinite Banking:
Financing Major Purchases

Learn how Madeline finances major purchases and grows her savings at the same time, without making any personal sacrifices or taking unnecessary risks.

Infinite Banking:
Protecting A Nest Egg

Learn how Tim protects his nest egg from the volatility of the stock market.

Infinite Banking:
Multitasking With Money

Learn how Sandra and James are planning for their child's future education needs as well as their own retirement without making any personal sacrifices.

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