An a-maize-ing story

When Cortez took over the Aztecs, he didn’t follow their methods for making corn tortillas.

See…at that time, the natives had a very specific way of making those yummy tortillas you take for granted on taco Tuesday.

The process involved soaking the corn in water and wood ash to remove the outer hull, called the “pericap.”

They didn’t know it at the time, but that processing made the food nutritious.

Cortez only had surface level knowledge of what the natives were doing. After he was done pretending he be god, he went back home with all the Aztec’s gold and he took some corn, too. It be yummy. Can you blame the guy?

But when he brought the maize back from the Americas, he didn’t take the KNOWLEDGE with him.

He didn’t bring back the Aztec’s processing method, which was called “nextamilization.”

You absolutely cannot skip this processing method. If you do, the food is nutritionally incomplete. There are no shortcuts.

So, what happened was some of this corn made its way into European culture. And those cultures that made corn a staple in their diet suffered from pellagra – a severe niacin deficiency.


They also suffered severe bouts of diarrhea, developed dementia, and died.

Speaking of deficiencies…there’s a severe knowledge deficiency when it comes to financial info on the Interwebs.

Only about half of what you read is true. Which half? Depends on what and where you read.

Bloggers and goo-roos aren’t COMPLETELY full of it. Some of what they tell you is true. They have the tools, but not the methods.

They mimic, but cannot understand. This be why everywhere you go you see advice like “save money in a 401k” and “100 ways to save money.”

Nothing inherently wrong with any of that stuff. But it’s surface knowledge. It’s the means to an end but not the end. Heck it’s not even the beginning.

And people who follow that advice end up with peanuts compared to my clients.

Wanna know the kicker? I didn’t even invent the stuff I teach to clients. I just plucked it out of the (out of print) history books, dusted it off, and put it in front of their eyes.


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