How to make your munny go 100 MPH

One of my favorite quotes about saving money comes from writer/philosopher Ayn Rand:

“Agriculture is the first step toward civilization, because it requires a significant advance in men’s conceptual development: it requires that they grasp two cardinal concepts which the perceptual, concrete-bound mentality of the hunters could not grasp fully: time and savings. Once you grasp these, you have grasped the three essentials of human survival: time-savings-production. You have grasped the fact that production is not a matter confined to the immediate moment, but a continuous process, and that production is fueled by previous production. The concept of “stock seed” unites the three essentials and applies not merely to agriculture, but much, much more widely: to all forms of productive work. Anything above the level of a savage’s precarious, hand-to-mouth existence requires savings. Savings buy time.”

She wrote a few really choice passages about the relationship between time and savings.

And… I dare say very few (almost no one) really understands what she was getting at. Not only did she not write much about investing and savings… what she did write was rather obscure in the totality of her works.

If you’ve been on my email list for any length of time, you’ve heard me ramble on about the importance of saving money and owning life insurance. You may or may not have picked up on the idea that savings by itself is… well… kinda useless.

You have to do something with it.

If it just sits in a bank… or in an investment account… it’s not doing much.

Which is what most people do.

Most people lock it up and never touch it.

It’s the classic “saving money means making sacrifices” approach.



Not just boring but counterproductive.

Listen to me now and hear me later: money is attracted to speed.

And… in finance that means applying concept of “the velocity of money” to your savings.

Not only does it sound 30% cooler than conventional wisdom, it just so happens to be the only way to save money WITHOUT making sacrifices.

What you have to do is really quite simple:

Step 1: Build up a savings.

Step 2: Spend that savings.

Step 3: Repay that savings with interest.

Soooo simple.

Yet, the WAY you do it (the “how”) is what makes all the difference. Most people, even when they “get” the idea of “velocity of money”… they completely mess up the execution.

This is something I help people with and it’s why I created The Monegenix Method.

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