Why making financial goals (usually) doesn’t work

About 5 or maybe 6 years ago, I was 130lbs soaking wet.

I couldn’t help it (or could I?).

I worked out and worked out and worked out… but couldn’t gain weight.

Lotsa people have the opposite problem and I drew some fire from people who were arguably overweight. Jealousy.

But… let me tell you something. There’s nothing to be jealous about.

Being underweight sucks.

Your hands get cold at what should be room temperature. You feel weak. You get teased relentlessly about turning sideways and disappearing.

And… the obvious. At 130 lbs, I didn’t feel very manly (or useful).

I “tried everything.”

Except, I hadn’t really tried everything.

Matter of fact, I hadn’t really tried.

It wasn’t until a gym buddy said to me flat out “dude, you need to eat. Just eat. It’s that simple.”

So obvious, and yet I overlooked it for so long.

His suggestion: up my weekly calorie intake by 500. Next week, add 500 more. Keep doing that until the scale starts moving up.

I was lifting weights, but making little progress.

It wasn’t until I upped my calories that things started happening.

The scale moved… but the body fat percentage didn’t change all that much.

Yeah I put on more fat… but I also put on muscle. A lot of muscle.

How much?

I went from 130lbs to 185lbs in one year.

Over 50 lbs. It might not sound like much, but it dramatically changed my appearance.

And… everybody noticed.

Why do I mention this?

Because there’s a really important lesson about making financial goals in there…

So so so many people fail because they make outcome-based goals. Like… when I was 130 lbs, I made a goal of being a muscled 195 lb’er.

That’s an outcome-based goal.

But, I couldn’t directly control my weight.

What I COULD control were my ACTIONS.

Once I made the action of eating a goal, it was a LOT easier.

Now… actually consuming those extra calories was hard… but the process or method was easy.

There was work, and hard work at that, but it was something I could achieve.

Same with finance.

Don’t strive to accumulate a specific sum of money.

Strive for actions that will allow you to save more. Specific, simple, actions.

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