More money secrets from our honeymoonaversary, revealed

Just to recap if you’re new here…

Many moons ago, my wife and I went on a honeymoonaversary. Since we didn’t go on a honeymoon (for reasons I won’t go into here), and instead went on our honeymoon on our anniversary, we combined the 2 into 1. 

Anywho, here is the full recap from 2017:


Honeymoonaversary. Day 2:

Wife and I wander into the local salt cave.

The place smells really nice. Essential oils nice.

Lots of big salt blocks on the floor and smaller blocks on shelves.

Some of the blocks have lights installed in them. While we were there, a lady, wearing black gloves, a short-sleeved shirt, and summer jeans is fondling various items.

The gloves. Interesting.

She rushes up to the counter, asks the clerk what an item costs, and then continues fondling candles and salts. Each time she pays for something, she gets mid-way through checkout and then darts off, walking around the shop asking what other various items cost.

The clerk, who isn’t helping matters, is busy telling the customer about the resonant vibrations of the salt and how it helps electricity and positive energy flow.

The customer finally makes a decision about what she wants and pays… in cash.

My wife, who is now flipping through a book the clerk gave her (about the healing power of salt), suddenly says “that woman is a nutcase.”

Because the shop is so small, and quiet, Terra’s voice is like a bullhorn.

But, the customer is oblivious. In fact, she interrupts the clerk, who was talking to us about salt, to ask if they could remove her husband from their system (apparently they booked a session in the salt cave) because they were “going off the grid.”

Then, it suddenly dawned on me. The mystery of the gloves was solved. I deduced she was keeping her fingerprints off everything so as to avoid detection.

The clerk is now standing in the middle of the shop, telling us about studies that demonstrate the miraculous healing powers of Himalayan salt.

Just $25 per session and our health problems will be gone.

Seems like a good deal but we skipped it.

I cough as soon as we walk out of the shop.

Maybe we should have tried the salt caves.


What does that have to do with the price of Corona beer in China? 

I have no Earthly idea but… if you like the idea of taking your savings “off the grid” like me, my wife, and my clients all have, then go book an online appointment with me and I’ll show you how to be just as crazy as we are.

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