More random thoughts

Yo, I’ll keep this one short because time is limited today.

Some thoughts on personal responsibility:

I was telling my haircut lady the other day… “men should be able to cook, shave, dress themselves, and look presentable.”
Now if you can arrange things so it takes less work to do all these things, so be it. Point is, a man should be able to take care of himself. Sadly, it’s not the norm anymore. No sense of personal responsibility there…
Strolling through the store, I noticed something: there were a lot of “zombies.” People who seem to be on autopilot. Not really “in the moment.” Kind of hard to enjoy yourself when you’e “zoning out, aint’ it?
People have learned to be helpless.


People aren’t as generous as they used to be.
In some ways, it’s understandable. No one wants to give money to charities when they’re paying 20%, 30%, 40% in total taxes (between sales tax, property tax, income tax, etc.).


There’s a sense of personal responsibility and pride that has disappeared from our culture.
And it’s that sense of personal responsibility that needs to come back if people want to be financially independent.
Now, I can’t teach personal responsibility. You already have to have it.
But, what I CAN do is show you how to direct that energy into saving more money than you could possibly save if you tried to do it any other way.

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