My hairdresser’s secret for avoiding bad investments

Recently went to get my ears lowered and was reminded of something that happened a few months ago. 

Whole Paycheck… errrr I mean Whole foods is in the same parking lot as the place where I have my hair chopped off each month. Wife and I have gone into the store a few times for lunch afterwards. 

Holy cow. It really is expensive. 

Anywho, I’m not sayin’ this is how every Whole Foods store is, because I’m sure they are all different in some way, but the one in this location… the salad bar and hot bar were very very expensive but the quality is… mediocre. 

The chicken wings were all dried out, bland, and kind of stale. The “organic” lettuce was all wilted and looked pretty sad. The “paleo” chicken dishes were… not seasoned, at all, and dry as dust. The steamed broccoli was still raw. And, a lot of the other food we didn’t eat looked… inedible.

It’s something the lady who cuts my hair mentioned to me before but it never “clicked” until after I experienced it. Because Whole Foods is the only grocery store in the area and it’s right in the same parking lot, she sometimes eats there for lunch. But, she stopped going there and I think she either brings her own lunch to work now or just skips lunch. 

Can you imagine? Food so bad, that no matter how hungry you are, not eating is a better option?

Anywho, that unorthodox approach can work wonders for would-be investors desperate to find a good investment. 

Here’s what I mean: lots of people are told — constantly — they need to save and invest for their future. But, people are finding it harder and harder to find good investments to put their money in.

Maybe the solution is to not invest any money at all. 

I know. I know. Heretical. 

But, it’s also something I cover in depth in my latest piece in ThinkAdvisor.

Details, here:

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