Why you should never do business with this scamster

Some poor shlub who was having a bad day decided to troll one of my YouTube videos:


“Whole life is a scam and anyone selling it is a scamster”


Translation: “I have no rational argument against whole life insurance. I’m just really, really, mad.”

I love receiving such comments because it means I’ve done a good job explaining myself.

Eventually the troll apologized in the comment section but… usually the anonymity of the Internet eliminates the need for that kind of civility.

Speaking of which…

One thing I done noticed over the years is that people tend to treat other people with more civility when they’re financially secure, have a non-cynical outlook on life, are basically honest and rational, and have a well-defined purpose in life.

On the other hand, people tend to be more rude when they have no real purpose in life, are cynical, dishonest, irrational, drama-seeking, and… when they are hurting financially.

About that last one… lots of people who have little or no savings have developed this weird sort of learned helplessness and eventually… they develop a sense of entitlement.

Mayhaps you’ve noticed this, too.

Now, I realize not everyone who is poor or has no savings has a bad attitude. Plenty of people have a cheerful disposition and an empty bank account.

Money isn’t everything, as they say… but it is SOMETHING.

And, that something can be very, very important. And for some folks, it IS the most important thing they can have right now.

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David Lewis, AKA The Rogue Agent, has been a life insurance agent since 2004, and has worked with some of the oldest and most respected mutual life insurance companies in the U.S. during that time. To learn more about him and his business, go here.