New Year’s financial resolutions: how to not give a fugk in style

It’s January and already New Year’s Resolutions are falling apart.

Let the record show:

In December, it was fashionable to gear up for the New Year… proudly proclaiming how amazing the past year was and… vomiting all over antisocial media about how one will make a resolution to not give a fugk about such and such thing when the clock strikes 12:01.

And today, lotsa peoples on Fascistbook are littering their own news feeds with posts about how they don’t give a fugk about such and such.

Far be it from me to snow on anybody’s parade but… if ya have to go out of your way to say you don’t care about something, then my dear you very clearly DO care.

And… maybe they SHOULD care.

Nothing wrong with that.

Now don’t get me wrong… these people aren’t bad people. They’re not stoopids, either.

But… they *are* putting on some kind of show for their antisocial media friends.

I mean, seriously. When’s the last time you saw someone walking down the street in real life yelling “I don’t give a fugk!”?

There are things I don’t care about.


I don’t ever talk about those things and I only think about them when my very survival depends on it.

I dunno. In my way of thinking… it don’t make no sense to spend a lot of time and energy yapping about things you don’t care about.


Everything else? The things I DO care about?

I’m deeply passionate about.

I’ll yammer on and on about them until you tell me to shut up and even then… I might not.

Anywho… let’s move on.

For weeks and weeks and weeks, I’ve been telling you about a major update to my eBook.

Many of you downloaded it during the promotional period (thank you).

But, not many of you left a review on Amazon.

If you could, please go do that now. It doesn’t matter if your review is good, bad, insane, or ugly.

As long as it’s honest…

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