Orange is the new black

My Fakebook feed is blowing up over the fact that orange fake tan Donald Trump is replacing Obama.

I’m kinda sad about this.


Oh… no… I’m not an Obama supporter (god no). It’s just that…

I won’t be able to blame everything on Mr O anymore.

Thanks Obama (oooooooo that felt good).

Speaking of which…

Now that you’ve brought up politics, let’s rap about Trump…

You know.. I was listening to a podcast the other day . This caller chimes in and says something to the effect of… when Ronald Reagan was president, he got 2/3rds of his Presidency wrong.

Meaning, 2/3rd of the things he did hurt the country. But everyone remembers him as “The Great Communicator” and the last capitalist president and so on.

And then this caller goes on to say… Trump only really needs to be 1/3rd correct…

…and if Americans can produce enough to make up for the deficiency… we’ll squeak by.

That’s pretty incredible, isn’t it?

It’s like we’re hanging on by a thread here. Trump is a tourniquet. Don’t expect him to be too much better than Obama.

What we really need is something that will permanently stop the bleeding and let this country heal.

Know what that healing process is?


Savings on a national level… but you know where that comes from?

It comes from you.

Don’t worry about what your neighbor will or won’t do. What the guy down the street will or won’t do. What the hippie gal working in the coffee shop will or won’t do.

What matters is you. What you’ll do.

Savings literally powers the future because it gets invested. Now I’m not talking about speculation where you go and buy something and hope you can sell it to some other fool for a higher price at some point down the road.

I’m talking about for-real savings that goes to work, earns interest, and comes back home so you can use it again.

And money is attracted to speed, so the faster you can turn it over… the faster you can save… and the faster you improve your own personal economy. And eventually… the country.

So, if you want to make the world a better place to live, start with your own life.

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