It’s rocking me like a hurricane

As the storm rages on over here in North Carolina, I can’t help but think about my friends and family who are right in the hurricane’s path.

They’re taking a beating.

If you’ve been on my email list for any length of time, you know I live in a wetlands area.

And, while we usually don’t see the worst of hurricane season…we do see the worst of the best.

Here’s what I mean…

When it rains here, it doesn’t just rain. It floods. And by flood, I mean some real wrath of God and Noah’s ark sh*t.

A small “river” flows through the front yard…forming what I can only describe as a lake in the side yard….which then drains off through the stone retaining wall and into the wetlands.

Our front, back, and side yards turn into a gelatinous pudding-like substance…which gobbles up all who are foolish enough to tread across it.

Like the Swamp of Sadness in the Neverending Story.

Earlier this year, we had such a bad storm…oh man…it blew over one of the massive 50+ foot pine trees in the front yard. snapped the power lines out of the pole…blew a transformer…which caused a massive explosion.

…and I watched the whole thing happen from my dining room window.



It killed the Internet for like 7-8 days.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. How does one live without Facebook and Netflix for that long?

Let me tell you my friend. It ’twasn’t easy.

Fortunately, the power company had use back in business in about 2 days…

Since my wife and I were without power for a bit…we made extra visits to our favorite Indian restaurant. On the plus side, we got more face time with the owners and ate like royalty (seriously, this is the best Indian food in the entire triangle area, possibly the east coast).

…and now I’m wondering. Will another tree fall int he forest? Will the Lewises be without power for another few days? Every time those trees start swaying, I wonder if this is it.

It’s kind of exciting.

Also, a little bit scary.

If one of those bad boys falls on the house, crashes through the roof…it could be the end of yours unruly.

If you don’t hear back from me by tomorrow morning, you’ll know I didn’t make it out alive.

And…if I DO make it out alive…then the webinar is still on. In case you’ve been sending these emails to some dusty folder in your email program, said webinar is about creating free cash flow and savings. I’ll be showing you how to save between 20% and 40% of your income without making any personal sacrifices.

Have you signed up for it yet?

No? Well go do it already you silly little bastard.

Or not.

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