A sappy story

A few weeks ago, my wife and I were cleaning the car and I noticed the windshield was exceptionally dirty. Car also needed new windshield wipers.

Thing is, even with new wipers on, the sap from the pine trees tends to stick to glass like glue which doen’t help visibility.

So I broke out the RainX. Amazing stuff.

Anywho, after I finished buffing the glass, it was crystal clear. Wifey had no problems seeing the next morning on the way to work.


So many people are trying to change wiper blades and constantly cleaning their financial windshields. But there’s so much sap out there these days it just doesn’t matter.

It’s really hard to see where you’re going.

This is why I take an educational approach to cash flow and inseance planning. It’s not secksy like your local neighborhood broker, but it will help your bottom line.

There’s just one catch. I (almost) only work exclusively with people who are already on my email list.

You gotta pay yer dues and start learning the ways of the dorkside before you can become a Jedi master.

Here’s where your training begins:

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David Lewis, AKA The Rogue Agent, has been a life insurance agent since 2004, and has worked with some of the oldest and most respected mutual life insurance companies in the U.S. during that time. To learn more about him and his business, go here.