The secret of Tacconelli’s

I was watching this show on Netflix the other night…

…and these two guys are traveling all over the U.S. checking out pizza joints.

Anyway, they stop in Philadelphia to check out this place called Tacconelli’s.

At first, they’re wondering what the big deal is.

The sauce is just tomatoes, salt, sugar, and pepper.

Nothing secret about the ingredients either. Theyre all basic things.

Nothing secksy.

And yet Tacconelli’s Is considered the best pizzeria in Philadelphia.

Then it hits them…the real secret is Mr Tacconelli himself. He’s been doing it so long, he’s mastered the basics…

…and really, that’s all you need.

He knows the subtleties of working the dough. He has a simple 18’x18′ brick oven.

Ever bought anything from a master craftsman? There’s something about it, isn’t there?

Can’t replicate it using amateur techniques.

At the same time, when you see what they’re doing, it’s nothing fancy.

Sort of like finance. People get all crazy when I tell them to start saving 40% of their income.

And yet, when I tell them to SPEND 40%…well that’s easy.

And that’s the key. If you can spend 40% of your income…you can save 40% of your income and when you do…

…something amazing happens.

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