How to stop the taxman from ruining your life

One of my favorite movies is The Pursuit Of Happyness, with Will Smith.

Smith plays this medical device salesman who is down on his luck (to put it mildly). He can’t pay his bills, he can’t sell enough of these new medical devices to doctors… and it ends up wreaking havoc on his marriage.

Anyway, there’s one scene in the movie where things start to turn around and he makes a sale and has some moolah and… maybe this is it.

Maybe this is a turning point.

He goes to check his bank balance and… there’s no money.

The IRS has taken EVERYTHING for payment of back taxes.

Why do I mention this?

Because stuff like this is VERY common. Something similar even happened to Yours Gluteny many years ago.

Even if you DO pay your taxes on time… guess what?

There are million other reasons the IRS can “accidentally” dip into your account.

If you pay estimated taxes, for example… or if the IRS makes a mistake and over-refunds you… they will take back the amount AND THEN SOME.

Ask me how I know…

It seriously screws with your cash flow.

Now… there are ways to minimize or prevent this from happening.

One of those ways is to build up a nice pile of cash in a life insurance policy… which is much harder and, in some cases impossible, for the IRS to touch.

It gives you time to shuffle things around without wrecking your business or personal life.

More info on the basics of life insurance here:

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