When strategy came a knockin’, principles answered

Comes a questions from deeeeeeep within the bowels of the Interwebs, on a public forum:


Steve Pierce:

I’ve borrowed against my policy for years now and have been unable to pay any of the interest (health and employment issues). It’s 25k loan and about 6k interest, 100k policy. I’m finally fully employed and there seems to be no immediate need for my wife to get the death benefit (that was on the table). I guess my best choice is to go ahead and start paying back the loan? The premium is 110/mo., which I’m used to paying after 23 yrs. What’s my best option?


This right here is the problem with buying whole life insurance today.

Strategies vs principles.

Guy was never taught proper money management skills. Instead he was taught various financial strategies and tactics.

For example, the principle of perpetual growth would be useful in this instance… and it would completely prevent this kind of “what’s my best option?” type of question.

If he had been taught the principle, the answer would be obvious as Adams.

And so it goes on the Interwebs.

If ye have been taught tactics and strategies, you’re as helpless and vulnerable as my new puppy Fez.

Anyone can come along with a bright and shiny object and distract you from the bigger picture.

My clients never suffer from this because from Day 1, I indoctrinate… errr… teach… how to apply principles so (eventually) they won’t need me anymore…

A warning for the headstrong though… I take a very Mr. Miagi approach… meaning… it takes TIME to learn everything and sometimes it’s not at all obvious what I’m teaching you.

If I tell you to wax on, wax off… you wax on, wax off… no questions.

If that frustrates you… get thee behind me.

If you have the patience and desire to learn, here’s where the journey begins:


David Lewis


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