There’s no such thing as a good deal

I was reading an old article from 2003 where this guy was lamenting the fact he might only make 20% in the stock market.

To funny.

Today, no one believes they can make those kinds of returns.

Yet, I’d be hardpressed to find people who DON’T believe they can’t get a good deal buying retail (and sometimes even wholesale).

Here’s what I mean.

I was yammering at my wife last night about buying a new vehicle. I’d found a few things online that looked interesting.

Oh… a lease.

People love leasing a vehicle because they believe they’re getting a good deal. Low monthly payments and they don’t have the hassles of owning.

There are personal finance blogs filled to the brim with goo-roos and yesmen fanboys all nodding their head in agreement: leasing is awesome.

So I ran it through my trusty future value calculator. It’s a plain-jane calculator anyone can get their hands on. They practically give them away online.

Anywho, the effective interest rate on these leases?

I’m really hesitant to tell you because… you might have a heart attack.

My wife’s reaction was “holy sh!t” and you know it takes her a lot to worked up over something like that. Even I was a little surprised. In fact, I might consider going into the leasing bid’naz. It’d be a sweeter deal than payday lending.

Anywho, leasing was clearly off the table…

What about special dealer financing? I could get 0% financing for 48 months.

How does the dealer make money on that? Volume transactions?

No matter. I fire up my calculator.

Yup. It’s 0%.

…until I subtract out the rebate I get for paying cash.

Want to know what you really pay for those special 0% (or 1.99% or 2.99%) deals?

I’ll give you a hint. It ain’t nowhere NEAR 0%.

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