They’re only as good as their last service

My wife moved up here from St Pete about 4 years ago. She left behind one of the coolest family restaurants to be with Yours Unruly.

It’s a Thai-Mexican fusion place that serves epic (and I don’t use that word lightly) curries. Last time I was there, I had some dirty rice that didn’t taste like anything I’d had before.

Not that it was bland.

No not at all.

It was good. So good.

I’m convinced they’ve invented a new flavor.

Stuff is like crack.

I ain’t just whistlin’ dixie neither. The owners are local celebrities and their restaurant was featured on The Food Network twice for some (spicy) hot soup challenge thingie.

Anywho, when my father-in-law came up to visit for thanksgiving, we were talking about this place.

And I told him I REALLY want some of their dirty rice next time I’m in town.

Then he lays this bomb on me: my favorite Thai-Mex place is “hit or miss” these days. Sometimes food and service is excellent. Sometimes… not so much.

And so they say… a restaurant is only as good as its last service.

It reminds me of the financial markets.

They be only as good as last year’s returns.

This year you might make a boatload. Next year, you might loase a boatload

Does this mean you shouldn’t invest in the stock (or any) markets?

Heck no.

But there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it. Most people take way more risk than they realize. Putting practically all their savings at risk (even if they’re “diversified”).

And when the next crash hits… well… it’ll be too late to recover after the markets bottom out.

This is why insurance exists. But if you want insurance to protect your investments, you need to know how to set up a good plan. Rushing out to buy any old insurance policy won’t cut it.

You need a custom plan.

And this, my friend, is what I do.

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