Uncle Gluten’s contrarian advice on cutting cable

A question pops up on a public finance forum:


“I need to cut cable. What’s the best alternative?”


This one thread generated over 80 responses.

I didn’t know there were that many alternatives to the boob toob.

People responded with ideas like:


Amazon Prime



Fire Stick

Sling TV

Apple TV




DVD player and generous friends

A la carte services like HBO Now

And so on.

Uncle Gluten’s response?

The library.

Why do I mention this?


While most financial ex-spurts are busy giving you ideas that are, more or less, iterations of the same idea…

… your old pal (and un-expert) Uncle Gluten is over here telling you to swim upstream.

Will it work?


Depends a lot on you and your drive to make it happen.

But I do know this: people who follow typical advice get typical results.

And those typical results are…

About $60,000 to $100,000 saved up by age 70.

Most Americans (incuding business owners and pretty much anyone self-employed) can’t put enough scratch together to pay for a $400 emergency.


As for long-term savings…

It’s completely off the radar…

Ask a typical senior how much they have in savings. They will likely tell you it’s about $100,000, give or take.

If the person is fortunate, they’ll have $250,000 or so.

That’ll last about 4-5 years in retirement…

That’s pretty awful (though understandable given what they were told for YEARS by the financial gew-roos).

My ways? Well, they’re not really *my* ways as much as they are a systematic organization of ways used by America’s most honest and successful businessmen.

I wish I could take credit for them…

But they come from the minds of men whose fortunes exceeded hundreds of billions of dollars…

Such is the way of my financial advice.

I stand on the shoulders of giants… and so can you (if you want).

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David Lewis

This post brought to you by //The Rogue Agent//. David has been a life insurance agent, and worked with some of the oldest and most respected mutual life insurance companies in the U.S., since 2004. Learn more about him and his business, here.