Uncommon financial advice vs geew-roo gorilla math

Was talking with someone recently about Dave Ramsey.

I realized after the fact that I had absolutely no business being in that conversation.

A True Believer is impervious to dissenting opinions and really… it’s not my job to help those people.

It’s not my job to try and change their mind.

My clients are really smart people who ALREADY know they don’t something… but can’t figure out exactly what they’re missing… and want a push in the right direction.


… I decided to go ahead and lower property values by posting another video of me yammering on about math n stuff…

This one is for clients but also for people who just want a peek behind the curtain of what really happens when you pay cash for something (anything).

You can check it out here:

David Lewis

P.S. For clients: rewatch this one a few times and hit me up via email… let me know if it gives you any new ideas…

David Lewis

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