Learning old financial strategies vs unlearning new ones

Years ago I read an article with a funny little title:

“Wyoming Lawmaker Says Women Earn Less Because They’re Less Reliable”

Is it true? I have no earthly idea. But, it did make me chuckle.

Here’s why:

This email list has grown by leaps and bounds since I started it. But, not everyone who gets my daily emails SHOULD be getting them.

Some people sit on their tookus and do nothing with the information. There are many excuses for this:

Don’t have the time…

Don’t have any money…

The dog ate my homework…

And some legit reasons like:

“I don’t like you”

Can’t remedy that one. But, I can make sure I never bother these people ever again.

See, freeloaders don’t last too long on this list. That’s because every so often my email service provider tags “cold” subscribers.

These are people who don’t open emails, don’t click on any links, and don’t engage in any way….

Like that antisocial drunk person at your last Christmas party who sits in the corner with their flask, hoping no one notices.

Anywhoo, once ye be tagged “cold,” the system gives you the old heave-ho out into the snow.

Is it cruel?

No way.

A lot of people who end up on the “cold” list (and some people who don’t) really DO want to give up but aren’t brave enough to unsubscribe. They need help. A little nudge. So they sit there hoping someone else will do it for them (I’ve actually gotten emails from subscribers with nothing in the body of the email except “unsubscribe.”).

And me? I love helping people. It’s in my nature.

And if that ever happened to you…I’d hate to see you go. But maybe…

…it would be a good thing.

Does that sound crazy? Am I crazy?

Maybe I am.

Come to think of it…no one has ever accused me of being totally sane.

Anyway …where was I? Oh yes. Quitting.

They say winners never quit. But winners quit all the time.

They quit doing things that don’t work and go do things that do. And, if you’ve never acted on my advice, or you just don’t like the way I roll, then my advice ain’t workin’ for you.

As for my clients?

It works very well for them. And if you want to be one of those people, here are a few things you need to know:

You don’t have to work harder.

You don’t need to work longer hours.

You don’t need to join a network marketing scam.

You don’t even need to know much about finance or investing. In fact, the less you know about conventional financial planning, the better.

The less you need to UNlearn.

Speaking of unlearning, sign up to my email list to start unlearning conventional financial planning strategies and start learning the 2,620 year-old financial strategy that has created financial security for millions of people.

David Lewis, AKA The Rogue Agent, has been a life insurance agent since 2004, and has worked with some of the oldest and most respected mutual life insurance companies in the U.S. during that time. To learn more about him and his business, go here.