Would you protect your business to the death?

My wife told me a story recently about her 5th great grandfather (which she got from the Commemorative Biographical Record of the Counties of Harrison and Carroll, Ohio):

James Gibson, father of Mrs. Nancy Morehead, was a captain in the English army prior to and during the American Revolution. His sympathies, however, were with the Colonists, and it is related of him that after the battle of Bunker Hill, the troops [in England] being ordered out for the purpose of participating in a public Jubilee, Captain Gibson refused to call out his company, saying, “I will never rejoice over the shedding of human blood. For this act of insubordination he was tried, found guilty, and ordered to be executed; but by some fortunate circumstance be succeeded in effecting his escape and getting into the bold of a vessel, where he lay for ten days, secreted among the cargo, and then made his way to America, where he was joined by his wife and family.

Some people are willing to die a tortuous death for what they believe in.

Some people are too afraid to take off their masks because the government said so. By the way, there’s an interesting back story to Dr. Fauci’s warnings that few people know about. I might write about it someday. A story that Dr. Fauci himself authored and published for all to see in a respected medical journal.

Anyway, enough triggering for today. :)

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