Why Is This Rogue Agent's Heretical Advice About Life Insurance Faithfully Read By Both Satisfied Clients And Fierce Critics?  

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The Rogue Agent

His life insurance advice is read by both clients and critics

Praise From Clients And Email List Subscribers...


Nuclear Engineer

At first, I was a bit shocked at your extremely informal writing style, but it has grown on me. I actually look forward to your emails and the intriguing stories. The style breaks up the monotony of the other emails. Your emails have gotten my butt in gear to create my long and short-term financial plans... I am now the happy owner of two life insurance policies, and I am armed with the knowledge to use them effectively. Thanks!



Life insurance as it exists today is undoubtedly a pale imitation of what it could be in a free market, but in terms of safety (and other utility), it’s the best option I’ve discovered so far... I wish life insurance could offer a better rate of return, but with an out-of-control pirate state sailing the financial seas, pillaging with impunity, I’m happy to have some measure of safety, even if it means giving up a lot of potential profit.


Grant writer

Once the concept of whole life started to click, I was very sure this was the direction I wanted to go. You showed me how to get there and tailored my policy to meet my particular needs and comfort level- well, we pushed that a bit, but I’m glad we did.

My only question is, where were you 30 years ago to take me down this road?


Legal Assistant

Your meticulous attention to detail assures me that I know exactly what to expect. You’ve given me a different perspective about making my money work for me. I actually feel I have control.



I read your very thorough discussion of the IBC on on nuwireinvestor. I wanted to thank you for providing such relevant content on the subject. I found your piece very well done and I found your explanations very analytical. Thank you for that service to readers.

...Content creators like you inspire me and I'm so thankful that we live in an age where so much knowledge is available to us.


Certified Financial Planner

Just read through your term v whole life blog from 2015, found it very well done and emailed it around the office here (I'm a CFP with [company name removed].

Critical And Revealing Comments From The Haters...


Angry Critic & Email List Subscriber

Why don't you go hug "Rona" and be with the other 250K?


Real Estate Developer and Self-Proclaimed Negotiation Expert

You 'talk people into' buying whole life insurance policies, which I personally think are not just a bad investment, but verging on a scam.


Investment Advisor

According to David, most advisors are ideologues, spewing the failed practices of the companies who control the financial service industry. Only his way of doing things puts the client first.


Certified Financial Planner

David, I understand that you’re using Ayn Rand’s premise…

Well, you’re entitled to your viewpoint. But, I consider a flat dismissal of the codes that professionals have, for centuries, developed, refined, and attempted to live by to be absurd — and, frankly, rather silly.


Certified Financial Planner

I couldn’t disagree more with your view of the financial services industry.


Financial Blogger & Forum Moderator

Whole life is what scam-based insurance people like David Lewis use to make a lot of money in commission at your expense. Get term life insurance. Never mix investing and insurance.

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