Who I Work With

I meet and work with business owners and professionals from all over the United States using online video meetings and the good old-fashioned telephone. All life insurance applications, and other necessary related documents, are filled out, transferred, and handled digitally. If you are approved for life insurance, even your policy is delivered digitally (imagine that!).

However... the folks who tend to be the best fit for my services are thoughtful, honest, organized, hard-working businesspeople and professionals who sincerely love their families, their business, and who want to make the world a better place to live for themselves and for the people they care about.

They take personal responsibility for their actions and the course of their life. They are "savers"——saving money is part of who they are as a person. They have integrity, are financially responsible, and respect other people's time. 

Likewise, they have a reputation for keeping their promises and following through, even when times are tough. They have a clear vision of their future, and they know and understand their mission and purpose in their business or chosen profession.

Above all, they are self-leaders and long-term thinkers, and they value their personal freedom and independence above everything else.

They understand that part of valuing one's freedom and independence is valuing one's ability to be productive, make an income, and save and insure a substantial portion of that income. And, to do that, they freely choose life insurance.

Since the custom whole life insurance policy I'll design for you requires a minimum commitment of 5 years, your income should be stable enough to support premiums for that long.

There are always ways to plan around an unexpected event within those first 5 years, but I don't design custom whole life policies for folks who are "iffy" about making at least a 5-year commitment to paying premiums. These policies are long-term contracts and work best when the policyholder is enthusiastic about making consistent premiums for years (even decades) on end.

You should also feel comfortable with the amount of money you're funding your custom whole life insurance policy with, know why you're buying it, and have at least a general idea of how you want to use it as part of your financial plan.

This is not a game, gimmick, or something you do because it seems cool. Whole life insurance is a centuries-old financial product that has always worked as promised and will continue to work as promised because of how it's designed. It is the only financial product in existence considered "bulletproof". And, because of this, a custom whole life insurance policy is a serious lifetime plan you're making for yourself, to build lifelong financial security for yourself and those you care about.

I don't want you to go into this blind or get in over your head, and I  suspect you don't want that, either.

Who I don't work with

Dishonest or lazy individuals and spendthrifts with no clear-cut financial goals.

I have zero tolerance for any form of dishonesty or deception, including self-deception. This includes overt lying to others as well as lying to one's self, but also includes passive-aggressive behavior, and a "change of heart" after making promises or commitments. We're both adults here. You expect me to take you seriously and put in the thought and effort required to design a good life insurance policy for you (and service it accordingly). I expect you to be thoughtful in your commitments and not rush into things you're not ready for.

When I commit to you as a policyholder and client, you will expect me to follow through on everything I say. I expect you to do the same. Therefore, any form of deception or dishonesty will result in a permanent ban from accessing or using any services from me or my company.

Unfortunately, there are an alarming number of people who do not qualify for my services.

#1: People who don't have their shit together

There's no nice way to say this. Some people are a self-made walking calamity. Their life is in shambles and they believe it's never their fault. Somehow, it's always someone else's fault.

Others somehow always seem to duck and dodge any measure of financial security, stability, or independence by sheer willpower, almost like they are afraid of it. They won't commit to anything, constantly make excuses as to why things aren't done, contracts aren't signed, bills aren't paid, calls aren't made, and so on.

Trouble always seems to find these people. They are always in crisis mode, something bad is always happening to them. There's always an "emergency" that prevents them from following through on their promises.

They use stall techniques like… scheduling meetings or phone calls that never result in any productive activity or business being done. They're always asking for insurance quotes and proposals, but never willing to commit to anything. They freely admit they are underinsured, have little or no personal savings, and they don't know what they're doing, but refuse to think through their problem (and possible solutions). They are always looking for others to solve their problems for them, and always reject any solution that involves them doing any real work or taking responsibility for any possible failure.

They constantly complain about their current or former insurance agent. They always ask for a second opinion, but avoid taking action on logically sound advice or objectively good life insurance plans.

#2: Flakes

Unfortunately, "ghosting" or flaking has become commonplace in today's culture. Ghosting or "flaking out" is a cowardly tactic employed by individuals who refuse to confront an issue head-on in an honest, straightforward, and transparent manner. Flakes are psychologically immature individuals who are not ready for the "Prime Time" of adult life.

Flakes schedule video meetings or phone calls and then "no show"-always with a seemingly good excuse as to why they missed the meeting. They agree to take action and then never follow through. They drag their feet every step of the way in the life insurance planning process and are generally a hassle to do business with. They don't respect other people's time, are chronically tardy for appointments and meetings, and rarely or never apologize for wasting other people's time or money.

#3: Window Shoppers

People who gather quotes from many different insurance agents, and use the information as leverage against other agents, or fail to actually make a buying decision, are window shoppers.

These folks also have a habit of using the "let me pick your brain" technique as a way to feign interest in buying a life insurance policy or doing any sort of real, legitimate, honest life insurance planning. Such information gathering techniques are often a form of stalling, but can also be part of the window shopping experience.

Window shoppers are not action-takers. In the business world, they are not action-oriented winners. They are passive-minded losers.


What To Do Next

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