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David C. Lewis is the owner of Monegenix®——a privately-owned, independent, digital life insurance agency specializing in life insurance planning for business owners and professionals——and a licensed independent life insurance agent (License No: 8462895).

David Lewis
David Lewis | "The Rogue Agent"

In addition to working with clients, David has helped develop educational and marketing content for large financial firms like Allstate, New York Life, State Farm, AmTrust, and J.G. Wentworth. His articles and essays on life insurance and Human Life Value are currently taught at California State University (CSU) as part of its Expository Writing and Reading Course. 

His articles on budgeting, life insurance, investing, and money management have been featured in online publications like ThinkAdvisor, The Huffington Post, NuWire Investor, and RealClearMarkets. David is also the designer of the xFlow™ budgeting app and the xCalc™ suite of financial calculators.

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