About David Lewis And Monegenix®

David Lewis, Licensed Life Insurance Agent and Advisor

David C. Lewis is a licensed independent life insurance agent (License No./NPN: 8462895), author, investor, and owner of Monegenix®.

His articles and essays on life insurance and Human Life Value are currently taught at California State University (CSU) as part of its Expository Writing and Reading Course, and his articles on budgeting, life insurance, investing, and financial planning have been featured in online publications like ThinkAdvisorThe Huffington PostNuWire Investor, and RealClearMarkets. David is also the author of the best-selling book The 10-Minute BudgetBusiness Economizer, as well as numerous articles about life insurance, budgeting, and saving money.

What Is Monegenix®? What Is The Monegenix Method™?


Mone — Money
Geni(c) — producing, or pertaining to generation

As a business entity, Monegenix®️ is a trademarked name representing a specific kind of insurance-based financial planning, emphasizing wide-scope life insurance planning built on the life insurance planning principle of Human Life Value.

As a method or system, The Monegenix Method™️ refers to a specific way of producing, creating, protecting, and controlling one's own earned money and wealth through budgeting and decision-making matrices, life insurance planning, and self-directed investing.

This website is all about the method and practice building, owning, and controlling one’s own personal wealth and credit through self-leadership. The method involves principle-based financial strategies. The practice involves specific financial products.

Many of the concepts on this website refer specifically to a unique life insurance method of creating and protecting wealth—The Perfect Policy™ concept. This is the most public and visible aspect of The Monegenix Method™. Less visible aspects include The 10-Minute Budget™, Cassandra's Matrix™, and Investment Alchemy™.

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