Business Economizer

Praise for the book:

David's new book is divided into two sections. If you're looking for fast access to practical business solutions to get more out of your money then the second section is for you. You'll find 101 ideas on how to save some money in your business, and many of these ideas can be modified slightly to suit your personal life too. There's some gold in there so dive in and grab what you need and get on with it.

But, the second part of the book is just the low hanging fruit. It's sweet to taste and jam packed with energy to get you started but the first section is your meat and potatoes. Looking long term at your financial strategy and overall philosophy is going to have much larger payouts. In this section, David explains how he came up with this list and deep dives into the mindset needed to come up with your own unique list that will have a much greater relevance. With this power in your hands you can take your own life/business and create solutions for your specific situation that will drive you forward faster than any 3rd party could ever do. And once you learn how, you'll never need to search for more "tips" again. You'll always have the ability to generate them better yourself.

Personally, I found that I had a similar approach (although it took me over 20 years to figure it out!) to budgeting that David recommends (towards the end of the "meat and potatoes" section). This stuff just makes sense and it simplifies your finances so much more than the standard advice of compartmentalising everything. I got reassurance from this but I also understand better the reasons why the other methods have failed me for so long.

My recommendation is to take the time to go through the book from start to finish if you have the time. The foundation understanding of David's approach is instrumental in your ability to manufacture your own solutions. But then dig into the stuff David's come up with because he is clearly experienced in this field and implementing just a few of these ideas could squeeze a few extra thousand dollars out of your finances each year. Probably more.

Great read. Thanks David!

— Chris W.


If you’re tired of the same old, lame, saltine cracker money-saving advice, and you want hard-hitting financial advice that’s actually relevant to your life, then this book might be for you.

It’s called Business Economizer, and it’s a “quick and dirty” book all about how to make better financial decisions so you’re never at the mercy of a “financial expert” ever again.

That said, this book is not for everyone. Most of the strategies in this book take time to implement. Some take a few days. Others, a few months. Some, a few years. And, while the principles in the book are eternal, some of the concrete-specific money-saving advice may be outdated by the time you buy this book.

If you’re OK with all that, here’s a few more things you’ll learn from the book:


✓ A “Jedi mind trick” you can use to talk any bank or credit card company service rep into completely erasing erroneous fees and interest charges, without manipulation, lying, or doing anything else dishonest… ;

✓ Serious money-saving ideas that made my wife laugh (at first);

✓ How to invent your own money-saving ideas by developing “creativity on demand”;

✓ How to solve any financial problem with a simple, clear, 5-step process — get good at this, and you might not ever need a financial advisor ever again;

✓ How to get like-new equipment and goods for your business on the cheap (and sometimes, for free);

✓ How to get your bank or credit union to agree to match $1, $2, even $3 for every $1 you save;

✓ A simple (but non-intuitive) way to reduce check fraud and employee theft;

✓ An obscure and simple money-saving trick I learned from an industrial fan manufacturer;

✓ An “obvious” way to save up to 20% on your heating and air conditioning expenses without touching the thermostat;

✓ How to save up to $25,000 on your paper costs;

✓ A sneaky way to research companies and figure out if they’ll be a headache to do business with, before you give them any money;

✓ An unusual way to reduce workplace injuries and worker’s compensation claims, while boosting employee morale and attitudes, without doing anything illegal, shady, or unethical (in fact, your employees will probably thank you after 3-4 months of implementing this “rule”);

✓ How to keep employees on the payroll when you can’t afford to pay them full-time;

✓ How to use your house to raise money for a business venture in your 60s, without getting a conventional mortgage;

✓ The real secret of term life insurance and custom whole life insurance that could save you thousands;

✓ How to pay your corporate bills on your terms without missing due dates;

✓ How to save thousands of dollars when trademarking your product or service;

✓ An “old school” method for cutting costs on insurance policies, and save yourself up to $100 every single month;

✓ Why my successful coffee shop owner friend never sells his coffee at a discount;


And so much more…

Download your copy to start making better financial decisions, today.