Don’t fight the power… of life insurance

by David Lewis

RE: my recent email about starting an underground school newsletter.

To recap, back in ye olde high school days, me and a bunch of friends started an underground newsletter, called The Jester’s Court, to compete with the official school newsletter.

Looking back on it… it LOOKS like we were “fighting the power” but really… we were accepting the power of the existing school newsletter and… redirecting it back in the form of satire (our newsletter was based on the actual news in the official school newsletter, but was mostly satire with hard facts accidentally added in after the fact).

Had we tried to create another serious newsletter to compete head-to-head with the official paper, we would have probably failed… epically.

There’s a business lesson in there somewhere but I forgot wht it is… anyway, there is ALSO an investing lesson in there.

Most people who buy whole life insurance (or investments for that matter) have been sold on the idea (usually from their advisor) that it’s either this investment or that.

That everything is, ultimately, competing for limited dollars. And because you’re competing with limited dollars, you have to think in terms of minimizing risk while maximizing return (AKA Modern Portfolio Theory).

This leads people down the road of chasing returns… which is why you’ll often see people touting the benefits of a diversified portfolio that they believe will return 10% a year.

And… if you put, let’s say, whole life insurance up against a really strong investment, that investment may have a raw return that beats the life insurance policy so… why bother with insurance?

And, if you’re pitting plain-Jane life insurance against most other out-and-out investments, then I’d agree. Even my highly customized products won’t keep up with a hot new IPO returning 20% per year or… even 10% per year.

So, if that’s how you view the financial world and investing — as a world where you should be seeking out the highest raw return on any given investment and ignoring everything else — then my services aren’t for you.

More than that, if you DID happen to take me on as an advisor, you’d more than likely be very disappointed and unhappy with what I have to offer.

On the other hand, if you are the type who wants to learn how to accept the power of other investments, and “redirect” it… using life insurance to magnify the return of your investment strategy… then you can use a custom life insurance policy to make boku bux.

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